Mobile Mapping Survey

Mobile Mapping Survey (NMS) is the process of capturing geospatial data from a mobile (moving) platform, e.g., Vehicles, Drones, Bicycles etc. By deploying this surveying technology, we are able to measure the object by millions of points per second with centimeter accuracy.
We provide Mobile Mapping Survey using the latest technology, this has been necessitated by our continuous innovations and experience working with expert organizations and navigational companies. We have over 5 years of experience in driving through East, West and Central Africa countries using this technology to generate and build a database from a driver’s view and to a single global standard.
We deploy both simple and complex solutions depending on customer’s requirements.
One of our low-cost terrestrial Mobile Mapping System (MMS) incorporates a direct geo-referencing system with a single frequency GPS receiver board and the remote sensors are two progressives CCD color video cameras with high resolution. We mount portable cameras and survey equipment GPS all as unit making up a mobile mapping system designed for high speed and massive geo referenced data collection along transportation and linear networks. The image acquisition system works independently so it can be used with any direct georeferencing system. The system allows for the association of a position and attitude to each digital frame captured by the video cameras. Furthermore, upon pixel location of objects appearing in the video frames, their absolute geographical coordinates can be extracted.

We can also deploy the use simple and cheap cameras such Go-Pro and Insta 360 Pro.

Our Mobile Mapping Survey utilizes the latest in LiDAR laser scanning technology to produce accurate and precises geo-referenced data. LiDAR is the latest method for 3D data collection, it achieves better data accuracy and higher proficiency, showcasing 3D data collection at its best.
Using LiDAR allows the global acquisition of 3D data with topographic precision over long sections of road and motorway. This helps us generate:
Road Signage – Straight up and leveled, traffic signals
All street furniture up to back of pavement
Road Diagnostics
Vegetation – trees, tree planting, hedges
Survey of civil engineering structures
Inspection of tunnels
Normative verification of safety devices
Lanes and Frontages
3D inventory of anti-noise devices
Route Types/Classes
All surface types and changes
NMS Workflow
Route Planning
A proper planning beforehand will decide what type of vehicle to be used, the sequence of the route to be taken, so the data will be collected in the most efficient way.

Field Work
On the field, simplified software is used to manage the work, all sorts of information like the pictures, point cloud data and position will be stored automatically as well as the tracks shown on the handheld device
Post Processing
After the completion of fieldwork, the collected data will be processed with compatible software, integrate all the data like location coordinates, distances into numeric formats, virtual displays of real-life visuals

Applications for mobile mapping include:
Roads and Highways
Railway Systems
Urban Mapping
Flood Plain Analysis
Coastal Cliff Features
Open-Cast Mines Volumetric Surveys
Accident Reconstruction
Overhead Power Line Surveys
Drone/UAV Survey.
Our certified drone operators are able to swiftly record accurate measurement data safely and professionally using various UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms, producing engineering grade deliverables. The aerial data is then processed using different software depending on client’s needs. Output formats include 2D and 3D topographical surveys and DTMs (Digital Terrain Models), building elevations and roof plans, 3D building models, immersive VR environments and visualizations, BIM and much more.