DATA Collection and Sale

Geographic Data

Geographic data are used in all sectors of society to support a huge range of applications ranging from emergency response to land-use planning to location-based services. Each day, hundreds of our highly trained field researchers drive and re-drive highways, streets, alleys and rural roads. Armed with a high level of training and our proprietary collection technology, they build a database from a driver’s view. And it’s built to a single global standard.

Road Footage Videos

Mobile Mapping Survey Vehicle

On-Board Camera View

Based on the surveying technology, we are able to acquire the high-precision coordinates in a very reliable and efficient way. MMS (Mobile Mapping System) is one of the latest surveying technologies to measure the object by millions of points per second with centimeter accuracy. All data is collected remotely from a moving vehicle to survey grade accuracies whilst drastically reducing man hours and addressing critical health and safety considerations on site. We mount portable cameras and survey equipment GPS all as unit making up a mobile mapping system designed for high speed and massive geo referenced data collection along transportation and linear networks.


A point of interest (POI for short) is a term used in cartography (and therefore in reference to maps or geodatasets) for the choice to represent a particular feature using an icon that occupies a particular point

Over the last 12 years we have amassed a thousand volumes of POIs across East, West and Central Africa. Our aim being to register all Business Listings as to their GPS location. We generate this data based on client’s specific requirements. Our POIs are categorized as to the global business listings, directory and navigation map standards. POIs like, Schools, Government Facilities/Offices, Bus Stations, Markets, Hospitals, Pharmacies etc.

We are also available for hire of Field Data collection services…

Kenya POIs
Petrol Stations


Road Data Catalog

Map & Allied has invested most of its resources in collecting and storing accurate and precise road data in East, West and Central African Countries. The Data contains road information in some of these countries and the attributes are not limited to road class, width, number of lanes, surface type, and condition etc.

Road Network Data
Tanzania Highways

Highway and Railway Infrastructure Management

Governments invest so much in Highway Infrastructure building and Maintenance. Highway network maintained and managed by different bodies are County’s most valuable and important public asset. The management of such a valuable and vital asset needs to be undertaken in a systematic manner, which is set out in our Highway and Asset Management Platform. Asset management promotes a business-like way to highway maintenance. We provide a complete solution for mobile mapping, mobile GIS and road asset management.

We provide Asset Management Software, powerful relational database and analytical system software with in-built GIS and Reporting platforms.

  • Road Information System
  • Pavement Management System
  • Routine Maintenance Management System
  • Bridge Management System
  • Accident Information System
  • Traffic Information System
  • Environmental and Social Information System
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES)
  • Asset Valuation System (AVS)

Unpaved Road MMS