Custom App Creation

Build apps with Map API and SDK

Mapping Services companies have developed APIs and SDKs for clients to customize map content as to their niche, such as Delivery Services, Fleet Management etc. This has presented an opportunity for us to help the clients with development and customization of these applications.

Uses of Map API

  • Standardize application development and data retrieval methods.
  • Reduce costs by utilizing open-source tools.
  • Increase your digital business presence.
  • Avoid writing standard code routines that already exist ‘out there.’
  • Accelerate digital development using Agile methodologies.
  • Integrate business partnerships and suppliers in your industry.
  • Simplify your IT model using recognized protocols.
  • Use pattern-based data analytics for insights traditional reporting doesn’t provide.
  • Go Global: a Map API doesn’t care where you are based and often includes localization features.

Case use of Map Integration Platform

  • Get transportation directions
  • Creating a Map
  • Measuring distance and ETA
  • Mixing Maps information
  • Finding your location
  • Setting routes
  • Getting traffic information
  • Verbal instructions
  • Location sharing
  • Location editing

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