Asset Management and Logistics

Tracking and Positioning

A real time asset tracking technology, on the web and on the mobile phone or smart phone. Using cutting edge and innovative technology we empower you to trace your asset anywhere in the world, efficiently and at your fingertips; literally.

The urge to manage availability and serviceability of assets used to move, store, secure, protect and control inventory within the enterprise and along the supply chain or in conjunction with service providing, has grown steadily in Africa, We at Map & Allied have come up with innovative solutions and services for these sectors. Our Aim being to enable business run smoothly. We deliver unique and precise map content using powerful tools.

Fleet Management System

The demand for FMS in EAC has grown over the past few years, this has forced Map & Allied to expand its business model to FMS. We have deployed FMS to enabled SMEs manage their fleets.  

Telecom and Utilities

Regular Field services teams need to plan, co-ordinate and monitor their activities. We have identified Innovative technologies for analyzing network performance (such as remote asset visualization, mapping, and measurement) and efficiently deploying field personnel will allow telecoms and utilities to do more with less.

Field Services Management

Service industries are entering the IoT era where smart, connected products are integrated with field service delivery platforms. As businesses grow, they seek predictive visibility to optimize planning each day’s activities, retain customers and get more jobs done each day at lowest possible operational costs. The potential clients being the courier services and security services teams etc.

Business Intelligence

location platform that can unlock the potential of data with a geographic component: identifying patterns, analyzing trends, and discovering areas of improvement that would have been easily overlooked with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tables and charts

Tracking and Routing

MAP & ALLIED provides client driven geographic info data that are visually interactive and customer driven