"Unlock The Power Of Location"

Map & Allied Technologies was established and incorporated 2013 to focus on GIS services across East Africa. Since then, we have been delivering business value through a variety of pre-sales and after-sales services including technical support, training, maintenance, and implementation of GIS products and services . Our GIS remote sensing services include data collection, storage, analyzing, integrating and display of data as to Ground control points (or GCPs) on Earth's surface, we then layer that information in a map-based environment to provide better visual image of location, patterns and relationships.

We at Map & Allied bring together the use of Satellite/Aerial Remote Sensing, Positioning Applications, GIS Databases, Applications/Software, GIS Web-services and Network to automate and digitize your world. We operate in East, Central and West Africa through an elaborate business partner network with a growing client base through working in partnership with the respective government agencies in the region. We've been involved in the creation and development of navigation maps in Africa for the last 10 years.

Map & Allied Technologies has grown steadily acquiring both local and international companies into its family of valuable customers through identifying, delivering and servicing their specific needs. The company’s Mapping Department Offers, “GIS based database system” a means of geographical information management system that integrates hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying forms of geographically referenced information.

"Map & Allied meets the need for precise and accurate maps for today’s digital economy. The Development of mobile computing (PDAs, tablet PCs, laptops, etc.) has recently (since about 2000) spurred the use of digital mapping in the sciences and applied sciences. Delivery services and Taxis now, more than every rely on accurate Maps. Maps must be updated frequently to provide users with the most accurate reflection of a location."

Our Service include:

  • GIS Data Capture
  • Digital Photogrammetry Services
  • Digitization
  • 3D Building Modelling
  • Navigation
  • Survey
  • Municipal GIS

  • Asset Management
  • Custom Map App Creation
  • Mobile Mapping Survey
  • Drone Services
  • Data Collection and Sell
  • Map Digitization
  • LiDAR Data Capture and Processing

Our Mission

To achieve distinct leadership in Information Technology in Eastern Africa in the GIS products and services that we provide in order to simplify human endeavors in information processing. 

Our Values

Commitment – Excellence – Diversification 

Our Purpose

To accomplish every task with Commitment, Integrity, Discipline, Innovation and Professionalism. 

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way people, think about and interact with maps.

We believe that GIS is enabling and a core Technology that touches numerous business processes, systems, data, and other applications. As such, it is an integral part of the computing infrastructure that contributes to the success of a city’s services delivery and operations. Name any Base Data you desire, from: Political Boundaries; Cities and infrastructure (roads, ports, airports); Post Locations; Locations of buildings of other types – government, hospitals, schools; Population demographics and density; Topography and Imagery as reference base; Hospitals, Schools and Government Buildings; Land Use (residential, commercial, agriculture, etc.) etc. and we’ve got you covered.

Our business is providing the most reliable and precise map content to the Mapping Services Companies. While there is a wide spectrum on companies that specialize in digital mapping, the basic premise is that digital maps will accurately portray roads as they actually appear to give "life-like experiences.

Our solution offering is complemented with a number of industry cutting edge technologies. Our business model employs direct sales and indirect sales through an evolving business partner network and we organize user community, industry and product specific events on a regular basis.